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Flummix® creates innovative educational courses that combine the science of computational thinking and the art of magic to create truly amazing, rich and memorable learning experiences! The Flummix® Learning FX™ System encourages interdisciplinary learning and is “educational magic at it’s best”!

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Flummix® understands the importance of ongoing support and will therefore be launching (very soon!) an online, eLearning Academy. The platform will provide access to videos, tutorials and resources for all those that have attended an FX course to support continous professional development.

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Flummix also branches out into the world of corporate business. Team FX brings together the core principles of the Flummix® Learning FX™ System with tools that help drive high performance, teamwork and innovation. The workshop will help you to identify and understand your innovation style.

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I approached Jody to deliver some class based learning with a kick, knowing full well that he would be an inspiration to young people.
Jody delivered tailor made sessions on planning, leadership and internet security whilst dazzling the classroom with his delivery, in particular his magic tricks.
The entire room was transfixed on Jody's unique learning experience, a difficult task with 15 year olds.
Jody's creative thinking and perfectly executed session made the whole experience memorable for the young people involved and gave them useful tools for life and employment!

Nicola Vallence
Edinburgh Council

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  • The Flummix workshop engages in a very entertaining way through active participation whilst developing insights into science from learning magic tricks!